Future of S4

Hey Smashers, big news!

📰 Straight to the point: Smashing Four will be moving to a new game studio who will take care of all future development.

Want to know more? Here goes.

📣 We’re excited to announce that we will be collaborating with By Aliens Games, who will take over the running and future development of S4.

We’re confident that they will be able to take the game forward, providing the updates which you’ve all been waiting for!

💥 We’re not going anywhere for a few months yet, we’re going to be around to help manage the game, supporting both the transfer and By Aliens as they get up to speed on everything found in the arena to ensure the transition is smooth and provides the best platform for S4’s future.

👍 For now there’s no need for you to worry about anything, during the transfer we can promise that your accounts and progress are totally safe and the game will continue to run as normal.

📲 To be totally safe, make sure your account is linked with Google/Apple and take a note of your ID number - this means if we do run into an issue we’ll be able to restore your progress.

🤔 We know you’ll have questions, it’s a big change!

We’ve prepared some FAQs that are waiting for you all here!

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