Welcome to 2.1.80, Smashers!

Home Screen

The home screen got a makeover!

Not only does it looks pretty neat, but it also created space for new and upcoming features, as well as helped optimise the performance and the size of the whole app!

Upcoming Orb Reward

When is your next Ultimate orb coming? Wonder no more!

There's a new Orb button on the home screen, right below the Inbox, that will show you how many times you need to win to get your dream reward!

New Season Reward Tier

Are you ready to become the Grand Champion? Get over 3800 trophies and enjoy the stardom as well as the grand rewards!

The new tier is bringing 12,000 Gold, 2,500 Common, 1,250 Rare & 270 Epic cards!

We know it's been a little crowded up there. With the new tier we are also changing the Season reset values – this allows us to space you all out better, meaning better matchmaking for everyone!

New Hall of Heroes Setup

New HoH setup is coming – get ready for the Colosseum! Gone are the objects in the centre, leaving a blank canvas for you to create the best possible, skill only, smashes!

The last but not least...

All the heroes abilities will now have their abilities unlocked right from level 1!
Not much of a talker? Now, when you turn your chat off, it will stay off until you change your mind!

You can read more on reddit and make sure to let us know what you think of these changes anywhere on our socials!

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