Max Level Increase!

Level 25 is on its way, arriving on November 26!

We are adding 5 new levels! This will bring more space to progress for the players at the top, as well as better matchmaking, and easier levelling up for everyone!

New levels are coming alongside cost reduction for levels 10-19 in both cards & gold. With the requirements for upgrading between levels changing, we have decided to return to you the difference in what you've spent compared to the new values.

This change means many of you will have a whole load of cards and gold ready to help you make a jump up the levels!

And the best bit?

This will help to spread players out better within the Hall of Heroes, putting to an end the congested top and bringing with it fairer matches against others of similar strength to yourself!

As well as this we're going to be increasing the rewards you receive from orbs by around 40%, with an increased ratio of Rare and Epic cards! With more cards and gold dropping, upgrading your heroes is going to become more regular and achievable!

Check out all the details over on Reddit.

Make sure to let us know what you think of the changes on our socials, we want to hear from you!

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