A Smashing Easter Egg Hunt begins!

Let’s have some Easter fun! We’ve hidden some S4 easter eggs around the place. Once you spot them, make sure you leave a comment to let us know and be in with a chance of winning!


All you need to do is comment, telling us where it is you see the egg(s) and who the egg is, on whatever post you find it on!
We’ll then choose, at random, 10 people from each post to win 50 gems!

Full Rules:

1. Dates

Submissions will be accepted for 24 hours after the image containing the Egg is posted.  Submissions received after this date will not be considered. Submissions will be accepted via the comments section of each official contest post on our Facebook fan page here. Other ways might not be considered.


The contest winners will be announced via our social media and in-game channels, and they may also be notified via Facebook or in the game.


2. Submissions

All entries will be judged by the Smashing Four team. Entries that don’t pass our evaluation may be deleted and won’t be eligible to get featured. Geewa reserves the right to determine what submission it considers to be in violation of the rules of this contest or otherwise outside the intent or spirit of these rules.

Each submission must be a comment on the official Smashing Four Facebook page.

Multiple entries, on separate posts, are allowed.

Each entrant represents that their submission does not infringe on any third party’s copyrighted material, trademark or other intellectual property rights. We are not responsible for and assume no liability in this respect.

Accepted submissions may be shared via our social media accounts, mainly the Smashing Four Facebook page.


3. Judging

The winners will be determined by members of the Smashing Four team, who will select the best submissions.


4. Prizes

A total of 10 winners per “egg hunt” will be announced.

All winners will be chosen at random by the Smashing Four team.

Winners will be announced and given 50 gems each onto their Smashing Four account.

Geewa reserves the right to change or update these rules or terminate the contest at any time by updating this document.


5. Terms & Conditions

Participants of A Smashing Easter Egg Hunt agree to the Geewa’s Terms that are available at https://www.geewa.com/tos

Geewa employees, affiliates and their family members may participate but are ineligible to win.

All submissions are subject to approval and may not be accepted if they are found to be offensive or in violation of copyright.

This competition is not endorsed, sponsored or administered by Facebook, nor is Facebook associated with our contest. By entering this contest, you agree to a complete release of Facebook from any or all liability in connection with this contest.

Geewa reserves the right to use submissions on the Geewa and Smashing Four website and in other promotions, including but not limited to the Smashing Four social media platforms. All submission and any copyright subsisting in the entries become and remain the property of the promoter who may publish or cause to be published and of the entries received.

Geewa reserves the right to change the prizes to other prizes of the same value at any point of time without prior notice. The prizes are non-transferable and all prizes are given on an “as is” basis and are not exchangeable for any other form, i.e. cash, goods, credit or services in part or in full.

Geewa reserves the right to change or update these rules or terminate the contest at any time by updating this document.

If  you need more information or have any questions, please contact: contest@geewa.com


6. Terms of Use

Smashing Four reserves the right to use submitted comments and winners in the Smashing Four game as well as on official Smashing Four channels, in particular the official website, Reddit, Facebook, game YouTube channel and in other promotions.

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