Hero Design Contest: We know our Winners!

January 31, 2020 Frealynn Uncategorized

For the first time ever we let our amazing community come up with their own, unique designs for a new hero that will be added to the Enchanted Glade arena and the response was overwhelming!


We received an incredible 400+ designs, showing off the fantastic, borderless imagination of our Smashers; and we just love that!


With that in mind, it was unbelievably hard for us to judge the designs and narrow them down to the best 10. The art team went through all the entries and managed to whittle down the selection to approximately 30 designs. As we were aiming for 10 winning designs, we had to reduce the selection even further, keeping the following criteria in mind:


  • Thematic Cohesion – we were looking for a hero to join the others of the Enchanted Glade, so at first we needed to make sure it will fit the magical forest theme.
  • Originality – we did receive several unicorns and mushroom designs, so the ones we picked for the shortlist were the ones matching the other criteria well.
  • Artistic execution & presentation – let us quote our Smashing Four Art Lead here “As artists we were naturally drawn to the better and more technically executed entries, but we know not everybody is an artist, so the amount of care invested into each entry was also taken into consideration”.
  • Resonance with the art team – speaks for itself, pretty much the entries that resonated and impacted us.


Once we had our final 10 compiled, a poll was made within Geewa to vote on the best. Let’s take a look at the results! The Top 3 is in order, whilst the rest is in random order.


Final order:


1st place – Three Blind Mice by Anthony Vulakh


Easily one of the most original entries! It’s funny, clever, well presented and resonated with everybody within Geewa!



2nd place – Tortoise by Jake Yanve


It’s one of our favourite ideas. Long term fans probably remember there was a Power Crystal at the center of the arena, before it was replaced by the Bouncy Shroom.



3rd place – Leaf Shroom by Thao Truong


The design fits the Enchanted Glade setting seamlessly and also captures our style so well. The execution is brilliant, and we love the mood of the character.


Bunny by Avalanch Jorge

The humor of won our affection and the amount of design quirks provoked our imagination.


Rose Knight by Manuel Neto

The execution and presentation of the Rose Knight was the deciding factor for us to put it in the shortlist.


Boxer Shroom by Felix Alonso

The idea of mixing mushrooms and boxing somehow clicked with us. It also blends nicely with the ‘new’ mushroom twist of the Enchanted Glade.


Forest Protector by Vlad Dali

There’s so much to say about this one. It’s really close to the style of our heroes. There are many interesting design decisions, which sparks our imagination and last but not least, it reminds us of our favorite Goblin!


Cyclops by Rob Dalley

It’s simple, charming and we all wanted a cyclops!


Manticore by Aasha Volkrakov

This entry is infused with so much care and love and we really appreciate it. The attention to detail is remarkable, the author even created the profile image!


Unicorn by Danny Kreeft

I guess we have an affinity with unicorns. It was hard to rule out all the other unicorn entries, but this one looked like it was crafted with just a little bit of magic that really stood out to us and caught our attention.


Congratulations to all the smashing designers! The absolute winner will get their design smashified and put to the game, wow!


What’s more, some of our artists picked their personal favourites and they’re preparing a nice surprise for the authors, stay tuned!


The Smashing Four Team


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